Maintaining our commitment to excellence in Mental Health Services

Residential Psychiatric Services was conceived and developed in January of 2000 by owner and Clinical Social Worker Mona Evans.  Joining in 2003 as co-owner and developer, was Clinical Social Worker Gary McCarthy.  The focus was to deliver counseling services to those with mental illness residing in various types of residential care to counteract the recidivism rate of this population, while providing services to under-served areas.  Acceptance of this service has been consistently positive.  However, it has become clear the population is immense, the territory expansive with many obstacles to service provision.  

Complex issues exist which hinder these simple goals:  to bring the much needed services to, generally speaking, a population often discounted, affected by medications and defined merely by their diagnosis.  State agency requirements, Medicare, Medicaid and Insurances' billing limitations and meager reimbursements magnify the task.  Misinformation, lack of state training standards, conflicting policies of involved State governing agencies create a situation (still existing today)  which burdens licensed care facilities with an extremely difficult dilemma as they attempt to provide appropriate care to a burgeoning population of residents with persistent and severe mental illness.  

With meager resources, few truly dedicated proponents and rapidly shrinking funds, the battle continues.  It is with heart, faith, determination, vision, integrity and stewardship that we persist in facing the challenge.  Since it's creation, the leadership of RPS has developed the following tenets; they have served us and our clients well.

                                                         Our Profound Belief: everyone deserves fair access to mental health care for the purpose of assisting
                                                                         them in treating their disorder and reaching their highest potential.  

                                          Our Focus: The utmost care is taken to provide accurate evaluation, treatment planning and effective services. 
                                          Our Commitment:  To constantly strive for Excellence in the quality and delivery of Mental Health Services. 


Mona Evans, a native Missourian, holds licensure as a Clinical Social Worker after completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Social Work.  An only child of Scotch-Irish and American Indian descent, she has provided services in the field of Mental Health since 1986.  She enjoys writing, music, gardening, family, friends and traveling.  
Gary McCarthy, of Irish and German descent, is also a native Missourian licensed as a Clinical Social Worker, with a Master's Degree in Social Work, preceded by an under-graduate degree in Business Administration.  He has provided mental services since 2001. Gary is an avid golfer, loves to travel, drawing and pottery.